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Lunchtime is for funtime

P.S. BookshopI don’t usually take a real break from work. For the past year-ish, I typically go out to the market two blocks away with coworkers who inevitably talk about work or work people. It’s 10 minutes of non-screen time, but it’s not a real break. Yesterday I went to the used art book store around the corner and it was an instant lift to my mood. I forgot how good it is for you to spend time in a world away from computers, email, URLs, etc. I’ve always had a lunch time retreat that was a real retreat, but I’d let that slide a bit in this recent job since, honestly, my job is pretty great. I highly recommend the P.S. Bookshop in Dumbo. They have a fantastic selection of artsy books and small sections about a wide variety of topics. I went in over the summer in search for an illustrated vintage book on how to grow herbs at home, and when the shop clerk referred me to the gardening section, I found exactly what I was looking for. It smells like a real bookstore, too.


What Would Google Do?

What Would Google Do?Last night, co-sponsored a talk with Jeff Jarvis for his newly-released book, What Would Google Do? at the Daylife office. There was a large turnout, mostly of 30- and 40-something media men. Jarvis stood on a table to talk, and only mentioned Davos four times (while joking about it).
[where: 444 Broadway, New York, NY]

Election Day 2008

I voted today in Williamsburg. Had to wait in line outside of my polling place (a school on N. 5th Street), but once inside my district had no wait! GObama!

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Really sweet love story

A touching story from a tragic event.

Baci and Abbracci for outdoor drinks

My lovely friend Emma alerted me to the existence of a back patio at Baci and Abbracci (one of the many Italian places in my neighborhood). I’ve had the tasty beet and goat cheese gnocchi before, but this time opted for one of the salads. The service was not great (true Italian style), but the atmosphere cannot be beat. There’s a large tent over the patio, so you can go rain or shine! There was no wait on a weeknight at 9pm. I stopped by at 7 on Friday for a glass of wine and we were seated right away. It’s a nice little reprieve from the hectic dining establishments nearby.

review: Brooklyn Based Cocktail Club at Sidecar

I rarely venture out in Park Slope, and, let’s face it, I rarely make it outside of Williamsburg or Dumbo (where I live/work). Last night I went to the co-hosted Cocktail Club at Sidecar. The event was sponsored by a certain tequila company, so there were two signature cocktails offered. The bartender chose the Paloma for me (some concoction involving agave syrup, bitters, and grapefruit juice) stating that it tasted like summer. He was so embarrassed by this description (not manly enough?) that he made me promise not to tell anyone he described a drink as such (note: sorry Sidecar Bartender Guy!). The drinks were ok and the crowd was thin. I had to head out early, but I did have a chat with Nicole, the lovely editor and founder of Brooklyn Based. She’s single-handedly trying to create the new online medium, bleemail (cross between a blog and e-mail) with her site and daily mailer, Since I’ve lived in NYC, I’ve subscribed to numerous daily and weekly newsletters, and I can honestly say that BB is one of the few I read (not skim) daily. They have great design along with great content. Killer combo. Check them out and sign up if you, as I do, love all things Brooklyn!