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Perfect place for a picnic

Check out my suggestions for a lovely little picnic in Dumbo on here.


Radical cartography was, well, radical

Today at Mellville House Bookstore in Dumbo. It was interesting to hear about visual maps from a more artistic and subversive perspective that I think about them every day. Also spotted, at least one Built By Wendy dress and not less than 10 men in specs with facial hair.

Rubber duckie, you’re the one

Tonight in the East River there is an unusual sort of race happening–a rubber duckie race from Brooklyn Bridge to the South Street Seaport to raise money for the New York branch of the Special Olympics. Organizers are aiming to have 25,000 racing ducks. Crazy! You can still donate and adopt one of the participating duckies (online adoption is closed, but you can still sign up by telephone). via Gothamist

Hop on over to Pier 1 at Brooklyn Bridge Park to have some nibbles provided by Rice and a cold drink (skip their cocktails and stick with beer or wine. my non-veggie friend can vouch for the fish tacos and I’ve been eyeing the Mexican corn on the cob. YUM).

Just a little faster

A big thanks to the kind folks at Recycle-A-Bicycle in Dumbo.

I stopped over with my beloved bike which has seen better days. The seat was falling off, the brakes were wonky, and back tire was flat, at the very least. The two women were very acommodating and actually seemed as thought they genuinely wanted to help (more like the exception than the rule in NYC).

They swapped out the remains of my old seat for a snazzy vintage Avocet women’s seat ($8), tightened the breaks a bit and put air in my back tire. I love that they use refurbished and salvaged parts. It’s like the vintage shopping of bike repair!

Total cost=$11.90 and it was done during my lunch break. Great neighborhood bike shop! Stop by if you’re biking through and go for a walk in the park while you wait for your tune up. On my ride home tonight, it felt like I was going just a little faster than usual.

“The Real World” to shoot in Brooklyn, or, my neighborhood is SO over

I’ve heard rumors but now it appears to be true, per Gothamist. MTV will be shooting their 21st season of “The Real World” (can someone explain to me how they’ve done 21 seasons in 16 years?) in my neighborhood. Sheesh.


McCarren Pool Summer Screen 2008 lineup announced!!

Kind of like a drive-in for hipsters on bikes…

YAY! Gowanus Lounge alerted me to the fact that the L Magazine-sponsored Summer Screen schedule was finally announced for summer 2008. The idea is brilliant — movies! on the big screen! outdoors! fun crowd! Doesn’t get much better than that. Enjoy it while you can, next year the McCarren Park Pool will go back to it’s roots and be a public pool again.

I had a great time last year: two picnics, several beers, one connection with an old college friend and lots of laughs. The crowd really gets into the movies, the campier the better. Show up early and bring a blanket since the floor of the pool is cement. And say hi! AH, Virgin Suicides! And Desperately Seeking Susan. Fun!

Thank you, L magazine : ) Summer Screen 2008

Baci and Abbracci for outdoor drinks

My lovely friend Emma alerted me to the existence of a back patio at Baci and Abbracci (one of the many Italian places in my neighborhood). I’ve had the tasty beet and goat cheese gnocchi before, but this time opted for one of the salads. The service was not great (true Italian style), but the atmosphere cannot be beat. There’s a large tent over the patio, so you can go rain or shine! There was no wait on a weeknight at 9pm. I stopped by at 7 on Friday for a glass of wine and we were seated right away. It’s a nice little reprieve from the hectic dining establishments nearby.