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Radical cartography was, well, radical

Today at Mellville House Bookstore in Dumbo. It was interesting to hear about visual maps from a more artistic and subversive perspective that I think about them every day. Also spotted, at least one Built By Wendy dress and not less than 10 men in specs with facial hair.


McCarren Pool Summer Screen 2008 lineup announced!!

Kind of like a drive-in for hipsters on bikes…

YAY! Gowanus Lounge alerted me to the fact that the L Magazine-sponsored Summer Screen schedule was finally announced for summer 2008. The idea is brilliant — movies! on the big screen! outdoors! fun crowd! Doesn’t get much better than that. Enjoy it while you can, next year the McCarren Park Pool will go back to it’s roots and be a public pool again.

I had a great time last year: two picnics, several beers, one connection with an old college friend and lots of laughs. The crowd really gets into the movies, the campier the better. Show up early and bring a blanket since the floor of the pool is cement. And say hi! AH, Virgin Suicides! And Desperately Seeking Susan. Fun!

Thank you, L magazine : ) Summer Screen 2008

SXSW summed up by good design


“craft kills”

I attended the opening reception at the Museum of Arts and Design for their new exhibition, “Radical Lace & Subversive Knitting” on Wednesday.  Such a great name for a show, I think.  Despite the edginess of the title, there was a suprisingly large number of older women at the reception, and boy did they shove elbows to get to the cheese plate.  Grace took some great photos.

the big 2-7

I was at a party recently and spoke about the optimism that I have for the upcoming year.  I’ll turn 27, which for some reason sounds a whole lot better than 26.  I was talking with a friend who completely shot down my reasons for being excited about 27.  He mentioned Kurt Cobain, Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, and Jim Morrison.  I knew that a lot of great musicians passed away at the age of 27, but I had no idea there was a club.  Now there’s a play about it.  Only in New York…

Annie Leibovitz and the mob scene at the Brooklyn Museum

Today I went with friends to the grand, imposing institution that is the Brooklyn Museum to see the Ron Mueck exhibit. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. I only knew that one of his pieces had been included in the Melancholie (link sends you to the German site, but you can view it in English) exhibit last spring in Berlin. The crowds were overwhelming, as it was the last day of the Annie Liebovitz retrospective. It was refreshing to see so many New Yorkers excited about art, and the Mueck works were amazing. There was a nice companion video that showed the process of producing the life-like sculptures. I was transfixed by Couple Spooning, among others. The description of the exhibit (I will paraphrase here), accurated explained that while we see art, we watch Ron Mueck’s pieces. I found myself waiting for the sculptures to breathe, or blink, or exhibit some sort of hint of life. Their faces were so expressive and the bodies dynamic and real. The exhibit closes February 4, so try to make it down there while you can!