Lunchtime is for funtime

P.S. BookshopI don’t usually take a real break from work. For the past year-ish, I typically go out to the market two blocks away with coworkers who inevitably talk about work or work people. It’s 10 minutes of non-screen time, but it’s not a real break. Yesterday I went to the used art book store around the corner and it was an instant lift to my mood. I forgot how good it is for you to spend time in a world away from computers, email, URLs, etc. I’ve always had a lunch time retreat that was a real retreat, but I’d let that slide a bit in this recent job since, honestly, my job is pretty great. I highly recommend the P.S. Bookshop in Dumbo. They have a fantastic selection of artsy books and small sections about a wide variety of topics. I went in over the summer in search for an illustrated vintage book on how to grow herbs at home, and when the shop clerk referred me to the gardening section, I found exactly what I was looking for. It smells like a real bookstore, too.


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