What to eat at The General Greene?

The General Greene photo by Erin Gleeson

The General Greene photo by Erin Gleeson

I have dinner plans tonight at The General Greene but can’t find a menu online.
Does anyone know what is vegetarian on the menu? I’ve heard good things (Brooklyn Based, New York Magazine) and bad (word of mouth). Thoughts?
UPDATE: I had two very, very tasty cocktails. First, the Clermont Bubbly (prosecco, St. Germaine, and pear juice, though it tasty like a crisp grapefruity drink) and after dinner the white wine sangria (tasted basically like a Bellini without the bubbles I’m guessing bcs of some delicious peach juice). There weren’t many vegetarian options, but since I wasn’t that hungry and since their menu is designed tapas-style, it worked out fine. We shared the heirloom tomatoes and I had their cold quinoa salad (nutty dark quinoa with walnuts and mint. simple and rich flavors). We shared the peach cobbler with toasted almonds on top. Super juicy and moist fruit with a slight sprinkle of rich crumbles on top, so as not to overpower the fruit. Yum!

3 responses to “What to eat at The General Greene?

  1. thanks for the photo credit!

  2. you’re so welcome! love that shot!

  3. The General Greene is a huge disappointment. The menu is confusing because everything is divided by Hot or Cold, not by portion. You might end up ordering what you think is an entree, and end up with a puny piece of warm bread with bits of ham on it. The service almost brought me to tears. Our server came by 15 minutes after we placed our drink orders to ask my husband what he had ordered (A Coke!). She didn’t come back with our drinks for another few minutes – so we nearly waited a 20 minutes just for drinks. A glass of wine and a coca cola can’t be that complicated.

    When it came time to order food, I had to physically stop our server with a hand in the air and tell her we were ready to order. The server barely paid attention to us and neglected to let us know that the hot plates we ordered would be scalding hot. My husband nearly burnt himself while trying to shift the many plates around the table while the serving staff stared at us. They all came out of the kitchen with all our plates at once…it was a bit delirious.

    Overall, the place looks good but is quite loud and little wiggle room. The food was ok, but for what we ordered, overpriced with bad service. Won’t be going there again.

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