Dinner review: Le Petit Marche in Brooklyn Heights

Last night I ate at Le Petit Marche for Dine in Brooklyn. It’s on a quiet block on Henry Street in Brooklyn Heights. The decor is quite lovely — deep red and gold wallpaper, tin ceilings, very comfortable banquettes, and perfect lighting that made everything seem a bit soft, but not so dim that we couldn’t read our menus. It was a bit loud and the space is narrow (you have to wait for the servers to finish at the back tables before heading to the single-use bathroom). As part of the Dine in Brooklyn prix fixe, I opted for a salad with blue cheese, apricot and pear. It was delicious, but nothing outstanding. I had a taste of my friend’s sweet green pea soup, which was quite delicate and tasty. As a main dish, I had a roasted butternut squash ravioli with browned sage butter. As a vegetarian, this dish is nothing earthshattering or original. That said, it was quite good. For dessert, we were given two options: chocolate and banana bread pudding or apple crisp. After ordering the former, we were told the kitchen was out of the bread pudding. They substituted profiteroles. The pastry was a bit stale, but the hazelnut ice cream filling was good. The fudge sauce that topped the dish was delicious. The staff was friendly and took coats cheerfully for all 8 in our party. Overall, I give Le Petit Marche (with an emphasis on the Petite) 2 out of 4 stars.


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